With the team of the software development with the power of the power and the experience of the experience of the business. LIT professional provide the new software software solution, specific device, according to the request for the organization and the business of the processes for the performance. The software software of the Firmware is provided on the Web Platform, Cloud and Oracle database, Salesforce.

The options, the dictionary service of the given company include

head management management (Công nghệ: Oracle ADF, Oracle DB);
post listing manager (Công nghệ: Oracle ADF, Oracle DB);
management stock information (Công nghệ: Oracle ADF, Oracle DB);
handler manager, cash (Công nghệ: Odoo 8.0);
training training (C # .NET, MSSQL);
Customer support support system (Technology: Oracle ADF, Oracle DB);
business management, cost (Công nghệ: Oracle ADF, Oracle DB);
Software software (custom development application - phát triển đời sản phẩm);
Cloud service for service (Salesforce, Oracle Cloud).